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Ken Talks

With 35+ years experience as a marketing strategist and advertising creative, Ken has seen, learned and done an unusual thing or two, and he's open to talking about it all. "Kens "Talks are ideal for DIY marketers attending buisness conferecnces and association meetings, seeking valuable and doable adivce, delivered in a genuine style, complete with real annecdotes.

Some of Ken’s “Talks” include:

“Where do ideas come from?
I get some of my best ideas from my clients. This happens by listening, intently and regularly. This presentation covers idea generation, idea evaluation, idea articulation, and most important, idea implementation.

“Nobody cares what you have you to say. (Sorry.)”
The title of this presentation describes the harsh reality of the marketing environment. People read, hear, watch, and share what interests them. Good marketing, branding, and advertising creates a mood, engages emotion and stimulates a response. This presentation helps DIY marketers craft and evaluate their messages, regardless of budget. It's a dynamic presentation in that it covers the key components of brand messaging, advertising and marketing, as well as encourages questions, conversation, and on-the-spot problem-solving.

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