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Ken Millman

Ken Millman
Founder + Director

“Be different or don’t bother” is Ken’s motto.

Ken is a strategist, creative director, writer, producer and project manager who likes to add sparkle, daring and fun to a profession that by its nature is full of stress and pressure.

After a great run working as a copywriter and creative director for ad agencies in Ottawa, San Francisco, Reno and Las Vegas, Ken Millman moved to Vermont and started Sp!ke Advertising in 1998. In just a few years, Spike rapidly earned a reputation for producing arresting creative and generating remarkable results for an impressive range of clients, including: Champlain College, Northfield Savings Bank, Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation (pro bono), the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing, and Vermont Public Radio. In 2013, after completing more than 5,000 projects for over 100 clients, representative of some 30 businesses and government organizations, Ken reconfigured Spike so he could focus 100% on doing the actual work. Ken applies both left- and right-brain thinking to marketing, and with Ken, you work with a C-level marketing pro on every component, and at every phase of a project.

Ken conducts branding workshops based on his BrandcensusSM program, coaches marketing departments on best practices, and formally speaks on all things marketing at conferences and meetings. Ken has also taught marketing classes at the college level, was the first tweeter for @ThisIsVT, and is a member of the Alburgh Select Board.

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