Marketing, branding, advertising and thinking with purpose.
If you don't (or can't) articulate your brand position and promise, others will, and you may not like what they say.
OUR WORK Marketing may not solve every problem, but good thinking does.
Regardless of the medium and technology, people read, hear, watch and share what interests them.
KEN MILLMAN Strategist, creative director, writer, producer, high school softball umpire…
Ken likes to add sparkle, daring and fun to a profession that is full of stress and pressure.
THE DIFFERENCE Be different or don’t bother.
The difference between a horse and a unicorn is the spike. (And magic.)
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Windesco is pioneering the next generation of “Social Wind Farms,” empowering turbines to seamlessly learn from one another and operate as a cooperative unit. In the process of rounding the growth turn of the startup race, WindESCo hired Sp!ke to develop a short-term marketing plan…

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